CMI's MONASET Tool Grinder
precisely grinds, sharpens, and
reconditions parts with complex shapes...
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We looked at our successful MONASET grinder very closely before we came up with the engineering refinements which, when combined with its field proven concepts, make it an even better tool for sharpening, reconditioning, or making small cutters from solid stock.

Here, for example, are the proven features that MONASET retains: Its capability for multiple grinding operations at a single chucking of the work-piece-saves setup time; assures excellent concentricity.
  MONASET still maintains its versatility for generating straight or tapered, right or left-hand, infinitely variable leads from a simple built-in lead mechanism.

Turntable mounting of entire workhead slide assembly, adjustable through 235 plus degrees in the horizontal plane, has proven to be a real asset when grinding radii.

Workhead that is adjustable on separate main slide with dual handwheel control has proven to be a boon for setups.
  Offset slide for workhead spindle permits centerline of spindle to be offset from center of turntable-a necessity when grinding convex or concave radii with centerline outside the axis of workpiece.

And micrometer stop dogs and graduated dials which greatly simplify accurate positioning of workhead main slide, and wheelhead cross and longitudinal slides.

The Monaset grinder's combination swivelling turntable and movable offset slide
provide your shop with versatile capability to quickly set up and accurately generate
convex and concave radii of varying sizes.

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