Call for pricing on all Optional Accessories
 "Bison" 3-jaw lathe chuck
"Bison" 4-jaw lathe chuck
 Chuck Guard
 Steady Rest
 Follow Rest
 Micrometer Bed Stop
 Taper Turning Attachment
 Quick change toolpost w/4 holders
 "Royal" 5C lever collet attachment
 5C collet set 1/16 -1 1/16 x 64ths
 5C collet set 1/16 -1 1/16 x 32nds
 5C collet set 1/16 -1 1/16 x 16ths
 Universal Gearbox
 2 Speed Motor
 Main Spindle Clutch
 Optional 12HP Motor
 Increase in pricing for Variable Speed on the 18", 20", 22" (Must be factory installed)

2 Axis Digital Readouts
 Acu-Rite DRO 200T
 Newall Topaz

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